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19th July - O2 Guildhall - Southampton

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Show Cancelled - The Ironworks, Inverness 12th July

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Roy Chubby Brown will need to reschedule his show at Ironworks on Thursday 12th July. We will have a new date as soon as we can. Please note that refunds will be available from point of purchase for the original event.

Snowflakes in July

I’ve been doing this job for 51 years, and I work hard at it! and in all that time I’ve heard and seen it all.
I’d have been quite happy performing around the pubs and clubs of Teesside, but it was you the public who wanted to see me all across the UK and in Australia, America, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Spain, etc etc..
I’ve released over 20 videos/DVD’s cassettes/albums/CDs and 4 books.
I’m not going to be everybody’s taste but everyone has a choice! They either come to watch me or they don’t!
If you are black, white, brown, yellow, Catholic, Christian, Methodist, Asian, Muslim, Buddhist or even Atheist, we all like a good laugh 😀 if you are Married, Single, Divorced, Gay, Straight Bi-Sexual, Transgender or even a member of the Raving Looney Party.. if someone walks into a lamppost we all laugh! It’s funny 😂
I’m not Racist or Sexist (or any other ist or phobic) I’m a Humourist a joke teller!
That’s how I earn my living and how my team who work on the show earn theirs.
I paid nearly £200k in tax last year
Only for Snowflakes to try and get me banned 😏

Welcome to my website boys and girls, chaps and chapesses and everyone else.

I'm not very good at this computer stuff, so I got someone else to make this site for me.

We're not all posh here, but you are guaranteed a warm Middlesbrough style welcome. So have a look around, find out where to see one of my shows and have a look at some pictures of me. If you want to contact me and my management team, you can do that by completing the enquiry form.

If you are a theatre or venue that would be interested in having my show, please contact my management at HRH Live who will be happy to discuss it with you.

Just remember, my shows are for over 18s only, so I don't do kids parties!

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